11 February, 2012


Images taken from - http://ilovewildfox.com/
(there is more on the link - I just picked my favourites!

Model: Charlotte Free. 
Makeup: Karina Moore. Photography: Mark Hunter - thecobrasnakeHair: Anna Lee Fiorino. Styling: Cassandra Kellogg, Kimberley Gordon, Emily Faulstich. Photo Edit: Kimberley Gordon.

Charlotte Free is like a super cool modern day barbie in this campaign. She looks so amazing in these Wildfox pieces, I don't think there could be a better match! I have wanted pink hair for so long now, and this campaign has just tipped me over the edge... I might have to just do it. I love everything about this campaign, I can't wait to get my hands on it! I have been looking for a t-shirt with a rainbow on for so so long (completely random - I know) and finally this little perfect one has turned up. Ahhhh hurry up summer 2012!

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