10 February, 2012

gettin p☮sey

I only managed to get a couple of shots outside before it got too dark... So I took a few photos inside too...

Creepers - Underground
Levi's Acid Wash Jeans - Vintage via Ebay
Velvet Crop Top - Vintage Market
Popcorn Bobble Hat - Urban Outfitters (Sold out in black but have a couple of colours left. The green is cute! Bought in the sale about a month ago)
Jewellery - Vintage, DIY, Markets

Yeahhh so hence the title, these are pretty posey... But I had to show you my new jeans! Got these sexies off Ebay for just over £30. I thought the price was pretty reasonable considering they're acid wash aaaaand Levi's aaaaand fit perfect (this is where i convince myself it's ok to spend more money on clothes, but then again when do you come across a pair of these in your exact size? ok yes still convincing...)

I bought some vintage levi's jeans off Ebay previously from America for a third of the price, but unfortunately the measurements were wrong so they are too big! Still kind of wearable but I guess I felt sorry for myself because I couldn't send them back... So I invested in another... better pair (Still reassuring myself).

Wearing my creepers again but they're just too comfy and go with everything! I will definitely wear some other shoes soon I promise. And the top was originally a velvet leotard which I cut into a crop top as I seem to be going through an extended crop top phase - all of my trousers/shorts/skirts are high waisted so they're really easy to pair with my clothes.

Been talking like a complete numpty for most of the day because I had my first filling at the dentist. Man I hate that place. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... I just had to cope with a numbed head for 5 hours after. The dentist makes me sleepy so i'm going to go chill out for a bit before beddy bies... I will be posting again tomorrow so check back :) 

P.s. If you spotted that doll... It's my mum's. I'm in her room you see. I really hate dolls.


  1. okay WOAH - where are your socks from ?!

    1. ummm i'm afraid i do not know, my sister bought them for me :) i have got some really similar pinkish redish ones from topshop, though :) thanks so much xx

    2. ahh want some :O love your blog by the way, it would be cool if you could check mine out http://porcelainunicorn.blogspot.co.uk/ thankssss (: xx

  2. Your blog is just like perf :)
    By the way, what camera do you use? xx