17 February, 2012

★ Gravity Is My Enemy

Stripe Crop Top, Shorts, Belt, Jewellery - Vintage, Markets, DIY
Pentagon Necklace - Ebay
Creepers - Underground
Fishnet Tights - Primark

I hope me looking like a goof makes my photos slightly more interesting. Ha. My sister and I always make jokes taking pictures, hence why I look like i'm laughing most of the time! She's a funny one. 

Welllll this is my new hair! The bleaching was successful... And the purple... not so much. But I quite like it nevertheless. All this stuff about bleaching your hair and it falling out/going straw-like really scared me, but I did it anyway (irresponsible I know) and there is no signs of any of that!... Yet.

Finally found some fishnets that are small-holed rather than big. Got these from Primark - 2 pairs for £3! Just an alternative to wearing normal low denier tights and makes the outfit a bit more interesting! 

Got another outfit post coming soon... With some amazing new shoesies. Not the black ones... Yeeer another pair. Woops. 

My sisters making bagels so i'm going to see what a mess she's made. Jokingggg i'm sure they're looking tasty. Hope you are having a nice Friday :)

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