21 February, 2012


Velvet Bustier, Bag, Belt, Jewellery - Vintage/Markets/DIY
Boots - Ebay.. But you can also find them on HERE
Skirt & Cross Earrings - Urban Outfitters

Welllll my new booties finally arrived! I absolutely love them, they are a little small but I think the material will give so they will fit fine soon! I always think it is really nice to have a comfortable heel to wear in the day, so these are perfect. I bought this velvet bustier top from a vintage market a while back, it was only £3! I thought that it looked nice against the sheer skirt which I got for £10 in the sale! And of course this bag... well I have already told you about it haven't I! I love it paired with black. 

I also want to let you know that the amazing Viki Wai has these booties back in stock on her website! Man, she is super cool, and so beautiful! Her looks are amazing with these boots so i'm sure you'll get loads of inspiration if you are thinking of purchasing these beauties. Unfortunately I had to hunt down my pair on the internet as Wai Vi Ki had sold out when I wanted to buy them! Butttt you can find them now, on this website: http://www.waiviki.com/

If you aren't interested in the boots then I do apologise for my rant... But you should totally check Viki Wai out anyway because she is awesome! And her shop has loads of other cool stuff, too. Here is some of my favourite looks of hers, and other links! 

Tumblr: http://waiviki-looks.tumblr.com/
Blog: http://waiviki.blogspot.com/


  1. you look amazing! Love the layering of the necklaces <3
    Come check out my blog and follow back if you like it xx.

  2. you're hair is loveliest i've ever seeeen, i wish my hair could be so long and just so beautiful..

    i love Viki Wai, her looks are so unique!

    1. Ahhh that's so kind of you :) thanks so much! Yeah she's awesome! <3

  3. Yes, I love her! You look fantastic as always!