26 June, 2012


Obsessed with Polyvore at the moment. Here are the sets that I have made so far...fruity



black & grey



daisy gone goth


floral leather


garden goth

garden goth by deciphering-dreams featuring studded jewelry

 There is something quite therapeutic about making sets on Polyvore… Maybe it is being able to style outfits that you would love to wear but obviously can't… It's like a new kind of window shopping, apart from most of the clothes you can't get instant access to, which is a good thing definitely, otherwise my bank balance would be in the negative ha. But I would seriously love some of these outfits/love to style these on people.

25 June, 2012


Here are a few items from my new Etsy shop! Everything is hand dyed and studded by me, see me wearing the last jumper in this post

23 June, 2012

LUA IS A BABE and its my birthdaaaaaay

Yer people should be making me cake but I like making cakes so I made some. Vanilla cupcakes actually. Sooo tasty. Then I made some homemade miso soup, doesn't look very appetising but it really is, I was quite proud of it actually. Healthy too… mmmm seaweed.

Also, look what I found in Topshop. I couldn't believe it ha, love you Lua! So amazing… If I had money I totally would have bought it. Excuse my face. Haha…

20 June, 2012

the warmth

Trying to get little Myrtle to say hi…
Awwwh there she is
Acid Wash Overalls - Vintage via Etsy
Creepers - Underground
Nirvana Tee - Ebay & DIY added studs
Bag/Jewellery - Vintage

Apologies for the bright/fuzzy pictures, my camera doesn't seem to like too much sunlight, and I am not the best at editing photographs ha. 

I got these overalls (overalls, or dungarees? Who knows…) from Etsy, literally my new favourite item in my wardrobe. Actually a birthday present from my mum, an early one that is - my birthday is on saturday! But I couldn't wait to wear them ha. I said I would update more, but truth is I haven't really been up to things worth taking outfit photos for! Still trying to look for a job, and apart from that i'v just been hanging around with friends not really wearing anything very interesting! I am off to birmingham tomorrow so maybe I will take some more photos then! :) I would take them everyday, truth is i'm a little shy and i'm still trying to get used to seeing myself all over this webpage ha, I love fashion too much not to do it! Don't get me wrong I do enjoy it, hopefully it will wear off soon.

Hope everyone has had a lovely day, it has been super sunny here - hence the title of the post, but mainly named after this song by one of my favourite bands, its amazing and reminds me so much of Cayman. Man I am missing that place. x

P.s. I am going to start putting my DIY items on Etsy on Friday! So keep a look out :)

19 June, 2012


Styled by UNIF
Shot by Ben Cope
Hair and Makeup by Allie Lapidus
Victoria from Red NYC as IVY
Casandra Smith from NEXT as Silvie Cooper
No words for how awesome this is… I want everything.

14 June, 2012

STACEY WHITE…….. is a babe

Illustration by Stacey White
Check out her blog HERE

I honestly can't stop looking at it! I can't believe how talented Stacey is. She drew me and 20 other bloggers, all who's styles she admires for her Final Major Project. All the illustrations are wonderful, and I am so glad that she picked me! Thank you so much, Stacey! x

12 June, 2012


Jacket, Belt, Necklace - Vintage
White Creepers & Studded necklace worn as a bracelet - Ebay
Dress - H&M

OKKKK I know I am officially the worst blogger in the world!! I am so sorry. But I have just purchased a stand and a remote (which took the photographs above - please let me know whether they are ok?!), so now I have no excuse!! As you can see, there is no beach, or beautiful sunset, as unfortunately I had to come back to England due to problems with my return flight! Sucks so much, I was not ready to come home at all, I found out literally a week before that I couldn't change my flight :(. It has been raining constantly and my hunt for a job is ongoing :(! 

Anyway, I know I have completely gone back on my word by purchasing these white creepers from Ebay, but ya know I haven't got that much money to spend on Underground creepers if I wanted a different coloured pair! These are ok though, nowhere near as nice as Underground's - so if you do have the money and want a pair, definitely buy Underground's!! I bought this dress the other day, it only cost me like £6 because my best friend works there and can get 25% off, I thought that was a bit of a bargain!

I have basically been spending my time tie dying and studding t-shirts and jumpers which I intend to sell online within the next week or so. I will be posting soon showing you pictures, I hope you like them!! I will be posting worldwide from Etsy :)

Like I said I now have no excuse! So you will be hearing from me all the time! Have a nice evening everyone! <3