29 December, 2013


Sun Moon & Star Dress - Motel Rocks
Velvet Mary Jane Shoes - Topshop
Bag & Jewellery - Vintage/Markets

Finally got my hands on this dress from Motel Rocks with the help of a little store credit and discount code! I have wanted it for ages, and now I have it I know it will be in my wardrobe for a very long time, I think anything with the Sun/Moon/Stars print is timeless and I love the fit! 

You can get 20% off if you use the code 'nicolaboraston' at checkout! :)

As if Christmas is all over now. It always goes quick but this year it felt like it went even quicker! Hope you all had a great one.

23 December, 2013


Jumper - Rose Wholesale 
Easy Jeans - American Apparel
Jadon Boots - Dr Martens Via Office
Bag - Vintage

Sorry about the lighting (it was not even 4pm?!), but I kinda like it? The sky looks amazing and for some reason the colours in this super cosy jumper have stood out. My obvious go-to outfit with the jumper was a comfortable simple one because the colours and material were enough!

Can't believe its 2 more sleeps until Christmas, but for once I am organised and have everything sorted!

18 December, 2013

New stock over on Parody Clothing

These are my favourite picks from Parody's new stock! I gave in and did some 'modelling' due to everyone being so busy at this time of year! Really didn't want to have my face on there but oh well, heres some new tings. Click on the image to be redirected to the product…

16 December, 2013

Cut Out

Dress - c/o Front Row Shop
Furry Jacket - YESSTYLE
Jadon Boots - Dr Martens Via Office Shoes
Jewellery - Vintage/Turkey/Topshop
Bag - Vintage

Soft fleecy sweater material with a plastic cut out makes a great dress for winter time, it's getting super chilly over here. I love winter clothes but this weather is making me miss Cayman like crazy. Moving away makes everything super confusing - I wish it wasn't so far away :(.