29 October, 2012


Hey guys, just a reminder that the giveaway below ends tomorrow! So if you haven't already entered then enter quickly nowww! Also a special MOTEL ROCKS discount! 30% off using code 'nicolaboraston'. Ends Halloween! <3

10 October, 2012


Acid Wash Denim Jacket - Vintage
Easy Jean - American Apparel
Shirt - Ette
Scrunchie - Ebay
Flatform Sneakers - Office
Jewellery - c / o Oasap & Vintage/Markets

The babes from Ette sent me this tee, I love it. I wanted the UNIF one forever, but this is pink soooo can't go wrong there! You know i'm forever on about wearing less black, more colour! Check out their store if you fancy this shirt, they have a lot of different cuts, colours and prints! 

My other pair of AA jeans just about fell apart I wore them so much, so I decided to try the easy jean instead. I love them because they are super skinny and don't stretch much at all. The worst thing is having a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and then after wearing them for a day or two they have gone all baggy! 

Anywhoooo i'm not sure about these photos, something about these shoes that I feel make me look stumpy. I dunno, maybe I will sell them. Would anyone want to buy them? They are a size 5 and I got them from Office for £32. I just can't seem to get away from my creepers, they go so well with everything I own! Hope everyone is having a good week :)


Jacket Design: Sara Thomas
Styling: Ravi Kelay
Photographer: Drew Wheeler
Hair: James Langan
Make Up: Bella Simonsen

So this is the new Waiste lookbook, I LOVE every single one of these jackets (and the oldies, of course. Which you can still buy!). I think that Sara has designed with originality and a reflection of her own style. I havent seen customised denim jackets like these before, and she hand-makes them all one by one, which makes every jacket slightly unique. Waiste can even make you one from your own custom design! Special ey. Go check out Waiste for your fall and winter jackets! 'Frostbite' and 'Paisley Decadence' are my faves. 


P.s Sara is a complete babe, she has AMAZING style, you should go check out her blog HERE :)

06 October, 2012

Tunnel Vision Lookbook October 2012 - Sunday Morning, Coming Down

Photos via Jean Greige 
Photography - Blake Jacobson
Hair and Make-up - Casey Kaufman
Models - Seaghna Wilson, Rachel Arielle and Enaia Greber

My love for Tunnel Vision cannot be expressed in words… These photos speak for themselves. Everything about this is perfect.