30 April, 2012


Belt, Bag, Jewellery - Vintage/Markets/DIY
Creepers - Underground

Can you believe it… I am finally posting! I have wanted to for so long but just haven't had the time! This beaut came in the post for me from the amazing Motel Rocks, and I love it so much. It is somehow in the sale now too for just £20, and if you are hesitant about the stripes, don't worry Motel Rocks have it covered with all of their different prints and colours! I didn't actually get a shot of the back, but it has a cute cut-out detail which is really nice if you are wearing your hair up (thinking about it now I totally should have done). 

So much has been going on recently - meeting new people, having fun and working like practically every day. I didn't think I would like it here as much as I do. But from now on I will definitely start posting regularly again, I just needed to get into the swing of things :). I have another Motel Rocks goodie to show you, as well as another collaboration! 

I just wanted to say to anyone who is reading this that my Ganesh/Ganesha t-shirt is from ebay! I have got loads of questions asking where it's from sooo just in case you were wondering :). Hope everyone has had an amazing weekend, you will be hearing from me soon I promise! Sushi time for me :) <3

P.s - the name of this post is after the song below, I was listening to it whilst writing this and just thought I had to name the post after it because I completely forgot about how amazing it is! And just look at how cute that little hermit crab is. I was used to having hundreds of spiders outside my house, now I have hundreds of these. 

15 April, 2012


I am sorry for not posting as much as usual! I have been working 24/7 at my new job and just have not had time, I promise I will get back on track soon, I just need to get a couple more things sorted to do with my job (bank account, health insurance etc), and then you will be getting annoyed at me for how much i'll be posting… Jokez I don't want you to be annoyed at me. Ok anyway I am going to skype family and then go to work! I have some beauties coming in the post, including 3 collaborations so keep checking back! Cayman post sucks and takes way too long! Here is a little cutie to keep you entertained in the mean time…

08 April, 2012


Yeah so this girl is awesome, she already knows this from me because I tell her continuously. But if you didn't know about her, then now you do. On that note, more people should. I strongly recommend following her tumblr because her replies to anonymous questions are highly entertaining, she is hilarious (and seriously, how beautiful? She wears a beanie with aliens on it for gods sake).

02 April, 2012

heart beats for

High Waist Leopard Jordan Jeans - Motel Rocks
Creepers - Underground
Belt, Hat, Jewellery - Vintage/DIY/Markets
Bralet - Free People

Wow I have been super busy. So sorry my posting hasn't been great!

Miami (I actually went to West Palm Beach!) was awesome, I got to see the whole Island Company headquarters and what they get up to. I learnt and observed more than I expected, and actually ended up staying with my sister there for most of the time!

I went for a little wander around city place, not expecting to find anything. Until I found a Free People outlet, one of my favourite brands! I had been wanting this bralet for so long, and I found it in the sale for $13. I was so happy! I also bought it in the burgundy (which is actually more of a magenta colour, but I love it just the same), for a little more money. I'm sure I will be posting a look soon with the magenta one! But for now, I must go to bed, I had a super long shift today at my new job! I will be getting into the routine of things soon, which means more scheduled posts! I hope you have had a good weekend! <3