29 March, 2012

1000+ LOOKBOOK.nu followers

A little overview of my favourite looks since I have been on lookbook. I can't believe I have 1000+ followers! I just wanted to say thank you so much for hyping, commenting, and fanning me! There are so many lovely people that have supported me (completely not expected!) and given me so much confidence, and I can't believe how much it has progressed in under 2 months. Which is your favourite?! Would be interesting to know :). Have a nice day everyone <3

26 March, 2012


Shorts, Belt, Beanie, Jewellery - Vintage
Tee - Incubus band shirt
Creepers - Underground
Incubus are one of my favourite bands... If you haven't listened to them then you should because they are amazing! Unfortunately I was not the one who got this tee, it was my sister in Manchester :(. I would absolutely love to see them, more than anyone I think. Brandon is just. Ahhhh. If you don't like music at least type Brandon Boyd into google. You will be blown away. Hahaaha so cheesy. But yer I'll shut up now this is meant to be a fashion blog.

Just a simple outfit, the print on this tee is silvery so I wanted to match my sparkly silver socks with it! I love intricate details, even if people don't notice them, I have, and it makes me feel like a simple outfit has more going on. 

Just letting you know I am off to Miami tomorrow until Thursday! Sooo I might not be able to post depending on whether I can get internet or not. So I am sorry in advance if I can't. I will make up for it when I get back :). Hope everyone has had a good weekend <3

25 March, 2012

live in dreams

Why do I do these stupid things?
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
Skirt, Jewellery, Belt, Bag - Vintage/Markets/DIY
Sleeveless Lawn Button Up, Velvet Bow Hair Clip - American Apparel (SHIRT, BOW)
Cross Earrings - Urban Outfitters
Creepers - Underground

I am pretty sure all of you think I am a complete weirdo by now. I swear this is how my sister and I are together on a normal day, we just go crazy for some reason. So yer, I apologise for my face(s) and my weirdo attitude, I just can't help it ha. 

You will be glad to know I might ACTUALLY get some new clothes soon yaaaay :). This is because I am going to MIAMI on Monday! Ahhhhh I am so excited!! I am going for a couple of days with my other sister, Rachel. She is going for her job (Island Company, I was telling you about!), and I have finally found a job so my work permit is being processed at exactly the same time! Perfect timing hey! Do notttt ask me why I have to be off the Island while my first permit is being processed, but anyway it will be a fun trip so I am not complaining! Going to check out as many thrift stores as possible! And I will take lots of photos to show you guys.

Anyway more on the outfit! I felt like wearing something a little different, I think it is nice to play around with my hair every now and again! Can't get enough of the American Apparel bows, they are just so cute! I have like 3 colours now, and I just want them aaaalll! I love wearing 'cutesy' stuff with creepers to make it like more 'grungey' (I hope you know what I mean!), especially short skirts with creepers I think work so well together. 

Ha funny photo here... I swear this wasn't actually at the person, this was the aftermath of a sarcastic wave. But this is what happens when somebody looks at me like a freak because of what I am wearing...

22 March, 2012

#2 - LOOKBOOK.nu recently posted amazingness

By the way these are definitely in no particular order... ever!

Yeah you can tell I have tried to keep this post to a minimum. But still... Wow?!

18 March, 2012


Graphite Maxi Dress & Silver Bangle  - Island Company
Creepers - Underground
Beanie, Bag, Jewellery & Belt - Vintage/Markets/DIY

I apologise for the amount of photos on this post, but there was something about the lighting at that time  that I loved. I think some of these photos are my favourite so far!

This dress is sooooo soft. It is from Island Company in the Cayman Islands where my sister works, they use the best materials and washes on their garments to make them super soft, and all of their colours are so nice too! I am really into maxi/midi things recently, so this is perfect, and I really like plain things like this dress, so that you can style them in different ways with different accessories. I think it is really interesting how you can create so many different looks with one garment and a ton of accessories, don't you agree?

Anywaaaay there are sooo many things I want at the moment. But especially from UNIF. I can't take it. If you are feeling generous today then ya know... here is the link


16 March, 2012

between time

Turtleneck Crop Top - American Apparel
High-Waisted Levi's Jeans - Vintage via ebay (EBAY ROCKS. SERIOUSLY)
Creepers - Underground
Jewellery - Vintage/DIY

Reaaaal casual outfit, and a bit of a random post. But I have just been so busy! These jeans = the comfiest things ever!

Man there are so many things I want at the moment... Always the way when you have no money ey! Anyway, check out madlady jewellery (banner to the right) literally the nicesssst jewellery ever! Really reasonably priced as well! I promise I will be posting more soon, trying to find a job over here etc, the days are going way too quickly recently! Hope you are all welllll :)

Nice photo for you here. Most of the shots were like this haha ohh i was in a stupid mood.