18 February, 2012

Bite My Tongue

lololol don't ask...

Leopard Print Platform Boots - Hobbs
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Led Zeppelin T-shirt, Jewellery, Hat - Vintage

Ahhhhh man I love my new boots. Got them in the sale at Hobbs. I can't say it is a usual destination for shopping, but I was looking for some heels for my sister and came across these beauties. And well... I fell in love. Had to have them. They reminded me of the Deena & Ozzy platform boots when I first saw them as I think they have a similar shape...

Deena & Ozzy Boots

                   Hobbs Leopard Print Boots

They are so soft too as they are pony skin, super comfy aaaand easy to walk in... lalala. I recommend getting some boots similar to this. Or just some form of leopard print shoes - they are awesome paired with all black as they just completely transform the outfit!

I've had my disco pants for almost a year now, and man, have I worn them. I still can't get enough of them, they are so worth the money. It is nice to have an alternative to skinny jeans - it is a bonus that they are so comfy! Dress them up, dress them down... I can guarantee they look good with anything! 

Onto a completely different subject now... Soon you will be seeing a big change of scenery as I am moving to Grand Cayman in the Caribbean for a few months. My other sister lives over there so i'm going to visit her for a while, I haven't seen her since my birthday in June! So expect lots of summer clothes! Ahhh I can't wait, England is far too cold!

Also about those bagels... Make some! They're soooo tasty I put brown sugar and cinnamon on top of mine. Mmmm...


  1. Those boots are so amazing! I love them!

    Wow, I bet it will be amazing in Grand Cayman. How long will you be there for?



    1. thanks so much! I love them too. Around May sometime, i'm so excited! Thanks again Becky :) x

  2. Your hair is gorgeous, I love the colour! The disco pants look amazing on you xx