22 February, 2012


Skirt, Velvet Crop Top, Socks - American Apparel
Boots & Bag - Ebay
Belt & Jewellery - Vintage/DIY

Yeahhh so AA stands for American Apparel... obviously. I was trying to get at the whole mad on American Apparel thing lalala you get it... But seriously, I love that place, I literally want everything from there! Very girly look today, bit of a change! This crop top is one of my favourites - it looks good with everything! And to be honest I don't wear this skirt that much as I feel like it is quite dressy but I quite fancied it today :). It was actually the first item I bought from American Apparel aaaages ago, and I still love it! They do really cute corduroy ones too.

Still in love with my new booties, I thought these socks looked really cute with them! Can't go wrong with American Apparel socks, I want them in every colour. Crazy how a pair of socks can change an outfit eh?

Anyway this was just a quick outfit post, and I apologise for the dark photos, the sun sets so early nowadays! Not for long though... I'm moving to Cayman on Friday!!! Yayayayay I'm so excited I can't wait for throwing on summer clothes and not having to worry about being cold! My photos will start to look a whole lot more interesting... and sunny. I promise!


  1. Great look! Girly but a little grungy as well! I really like your style! ♥

    Xo, Imke

  2. Rad boots & snapshots.

  3. You're so lovely!
    and, oh god, those boots are so damn cool!

  4. You look like Taylor Momsen on this photos :) I like it :)

    1. haha really?! no one has ever said that before!! thanks :) xx