07 February, 2012


Velvet dress, black leather bag, all jewellery - Vintage/various markets/self-made
Creepers - Underground
White Shirt - American Apparel
Silver cross earrings - Urban Outfitters (sold out of the smaller size, but you can find them on Ebay/Asos/Topshop)

This outfit is a little more dressed up for me than usual, but I completely forgot about this dress that I bought from a charity shop over a year ago for about £6. I thought I should finally wear it, after being lying around in my wardrobe (organised chaos) for over a year. It was huuuge and really long when I bought it, so I cut literally 3/4 of the length off to make it how it is now. Looks alriiight for £6!

Just a tip on the shoesies - if you are thinking of investing in a pair of these bad boys, then without a doubt you have to buy them from Underground! I got these for christmas, but I had a pair of double sole Demonia's previously and they literally fell apart and sucked. Yerrrr I guess I wore them a hell of a lot but they are no way near as nice as the Underground ones anyway so it is definitely worth paying the extra price :)

P.s. You are going to be seeing a lot of these shoes so i apologise in advance. And I suck at posing for photos - I know...

Have a nice day :)

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