12 February, 2012

Breathing In A New Mentality

poser mcposerson

Bralet - Urban Outfitters
High-Waisted Zipper Pants - American Apparel
Levi's Shorts - Vintage
Crochet Cardigan - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Jewellery - Vintage/DIY
Cross Earrings - Urban Outfitters

Sorry for the lack of interesting background in my recent outfits posts! The weather has sucked and it's so freezing. I love this crochet cardigan (will post it soon where I wear it done up - it looks completely different!), it's so easy to pair with outfits like this and I think adds a different texture to a simplistic look. I bought it from a vintage store called COW for £5 on the sale rail, I picked it up and thought it was on the wrong rail! Bargaaaain. If you haven't already got a simple bralet like this one, get one! They're easy to wear with high waisted things, and add a completely different look underneath a sheer shirt. Urban Outfitters are out of this one, but they have plenty to choose from and i'm sure you've seen them in different stores too.

The reason why i'm wearing shorts and then jeans is because it was too cold! So I thought I would just take photos of both... I'm not sure which I prefer! 

I only uploaded the one outfit onto Lookbook and Chictopia because it would be weird to put up such similar outfits! Don't want to be too boring now do I! Hope you have all had a nice weekend :)