28 February, 2012


Leopard Print Jeans - Motel
Bralet - Urban Outfitters
Black Buckle Boots - Ebay
Bag, Jewellery, Belt - Vintage, Markets, DIY

Well these are officially the comfiest trousers ever. They are super thin and stretchy which makes them really easy to wear and ideal for this hot weather! Also high-waisted (you know how important this is to me!) and a really soft material. Motel Rocks do these awesome trousers (they are actually called 'Motel Jordan Skinny Jean' on the website) in all different kinds of colours and prints - you should check them out! 

And yeahhh I know still looking pasty, it has been quite overcast today but towards the end of the day the sky cleared, and the sunset was the most beautiful I have ever seen. I wish I had my camera to take a photograph to show you, but i'm sure there will be many more opportunities! I also went to a little marketplace today where I got two really cute rings for like $9! I am not sure whether you can see them in the photos (it was dark and my shutter speed was pretty slow so sorry about the blur), but they are adjustable which I think make the rings really versatile to wear as you can swap and change fingers when you want to wear different rings! I could have bought so much jewellery. But I have self-control. Ok. I don't, at all. I just don't have enough money. Ha good night :)


  1. Love these pants. Visiting your blog always seems to give me a case of jean envy!

    1. haha!! i do love my trousers. thanks Mandi :) xxx

  2. Those jeans are incredible!



  3. You have the best taste I have ever seen <3

  4. Pants <3