20 May, 2012

Bangstyle Feature

I received an e-mail from Bangstyle asking whether I would like to be featured on their website with a little interview. I then realised when they published it on the site, I was on the home page too! They also wrote a lovely paragraph about me, I really enjoyed answering the questions -

BANGSTYLE: How would you style the perfect night-out look? 
Nicola Boraston: If I was going to a gig or to watch live music, I would probably wear creepers or vintage trainers with cute socks, paired with high-waisted shorts or leggings with a vintage distressed band tee and lots of jewellery. If I was going for drinks, I would probably wear the same thing but with either creepers or flatforms and a denim jacket. If I was going out to a club, then I would wear flatforms or heels with a black crochet or lace dress or disco shorts/pants with a crop top/bralet. I would make sure to wear lots of jewellery, as I think jewellery is key to dressing up any outfit! 
BANGSTYLE: What is the most-played song on your iPod?
Nicola Boraston: “It Was Fear of Myself That Made Me Odd” – Alexisonfire
BANGSTYLE: What are your future aspirations in fashion and beyond? 
Nicola Boraston: I would love to be known for my own unique personal style (in a positive way of course!) and maybe as a designer/stylist/fashion buyer. I really want to inspire people to wear what they want and to express themselves through clothing confidently; and if they did this by wearing the clothes that I might pos
sibly design and make, then that would be amazing. I think it is extremely important to stay true to yourself and do whatever makes you happy!

Thanks so much, Bangstyle!

13 May, 2012

Illustration from Lorène Neveu

Look at the amazing drawing that Lorène Neveu e-mailed to me. I am so grateful, this means a lot to me as I draw nearly every day and am a huge fan of art, I love her unique style of drawing! Thanks you so much Lorène :). She also has a lookbook and blog! Check them out, her style is awesome.

09 May, 2012

memorized. your smile lines. from left to right

Crochet Dress - c/ o Sugarlips Apparel
Bralet underneath - Free People
Creepers - Underground
Bag, Jewellery & Belt - Vintage/Markets/DIY

My hair is actually everywhere in this post, I like how you can hardly see my face maybe I will do this more often haha… Anyway, I am actually in love with this dress from Sugarlips Apparel. I was so happy when it arrived - it was a pleasant surprise as I was asked to choose 3 items and one would be sent to me - this was actually my favourite out of the 3! It is meant to be longer, but in this outfit I decided to style it shorter so I used my waist belt to take off a couple of inches. I highly recommend investing in this dress, it seems like it is going to be a summer staple of mine! Also, if you do not like the black underneath then it comes with a beige slip also that you can wear underneath it. Versatile or whaaat?

This is just a quick post because i'm going to skype my friend from the U.K, it has been too long since I have spoken to her and I am missing her way too much :(. Starting to feel veeeery homesick. You are probably thinking 'how can she feel homesick, look at where she lives', but honestly nobody will ever replace your friends and family from back home! I hope this homesick phase ends soon! Or maybe they should just all move here!

P.s. Excuse the cuts all over my legs… I swear I am being eaten alive over here. Wow that sounds really gross. But seriously, they will not stop :(. As for the title - this is one of my favourite songs (ever), also some of my favourite lyrics…

08 May, 2012

third eye blind

All images via tumblr - sources unknown apart from second up from last - beaut
If any of these are yours let me know :) 

Some of my favourite images from tumblr recently, I could just stare at these kind of images aaaalll day.

07 May, 2012


Shorts - Free People
Top -  Vintage DIY
Creepers - Underground
Bangle - Island Company
Belt, Jewellery - Vintage, DIY, Markets

This is pretty much my favourite outfit at the moment, it has been sooo hot here so I have had to wear as little as possible ha. This top has been through 3 stages, first of all it was a t-shirt I bought from a vintage shop, I then cut it into a crop top, and then recently cut the sleeves off because it is waaay too hot to wear t-shirts here! I love it, and I like how you can see my favourite bralet from Free People too. 

These shorts are amaaaazing, I actually bought them here as a shop here stocks Free People, I was super happy when they had my size, seriouslyyyy you should buy them, they go with everything and are like the best fit ever. Also, I cannot stop wearing this new bralet I bought from there, it is the comfiest thing ever!

You probably already know how awesome free people is, but look at they're new lookbook. I am in love.

Photos from Free People

Also, the name of this post is due to a band called Washed Out. I have just remembered how awesome they are, it had been a while since I listened to them. This is one of my favourites of theirs, have a listen!