17 November, 2012


Hey guyssss i'm sorry I suck so much at blogging, but I am back in Cayman and want to settle in a bit before I start up blogging properly again, should only take like another week. I have super early starts at work this week (I work at a hotel - Marriott, so they do breakfast and stuff and these crazy party people wanna drink cocktails in the am, ya know how it is), and I am not quite over my jet lag yet! Working right on the beach today which makes me happy, yesterday I was working the 5am breakfast shift inside which was good but man I was just standing still on my feet for like 8 hours and they hurrrrrt, can't wait to be moving around more today! 

I have just realised I can get internet from my apartment which is awesome. I live right next to this bar called Royal Palms, and their internet is not locked so alll goooood!

You will be hearing from me soon I promise! Thank you all so much for your comments and everything, means so much! Hope you don't mind waiting a little while for me to start up again! :) xxx

29 October, 2012


Hey guys, just a reminder that the giveaway below ends tomorrow! So if you haven't already entered then enter quickly nowww! Also a special MOTEL ROCKS discount! 30% off using code 'nicolaboraston'. Ends Halloween! <3

10 October, 2012


Acid Wash Denim Jacket - Vintage
Easy Jean - American Apparel
Shirt - Ette
Scrunchie - Ebay
Flatform Sneakers - Office
Jewellery - c / o Oasap & Vintage/Markets

The babes from Ette sent me this tee, I love it. I wanted the UNIF one forever, but this is pink soooo can't go wrong there! You know i'm forever on about wearing less black, more colour! Check out their store if you fancy this shirt, they have a lot of different cuts, colours and prints! 

My other pair of AA jeans just about fell apart I wore them so much, so I decided to try the easy jean instead. I love them because they are super skinny and don't stretch much at all. The worst thing is having a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and then after wearing them for a day or two they have gone all baggy! 

Anywhoooo i'm not sure about these photos, something about these shoes that I feel make me look stumpy. I dunno, maybe I will sell them. Would anyone want to buy them? They are a size 5 and I got them from Office for £32. I just can't seem to get away from my creepers, they go so well with everything I own! Hope everyone is having a good week :)


Jacket Design: Sara Thomas
Styling: Ravi Kelay
Photographer: Drew Wheeler
Hair: James Langan
Make Up: Bella Simonsen

So this is the new Waiste lookbook, I LOVE every single one of these jackets (and the oldies, of course. Which you can still buy!). I think that Sara has designed with originality and a reflection of her own style. I havent seen customised denim jackets like these before, and she hand-makes them all one by one, which makes every jacket slightly unique. Waiste can even make you one from your own custom design! Special ey. Go check out Waiste for your fall and winter jackets! 'Frostbite' and 'Paisley Decadence' are my faves. 


P.s Sara is a complete babe, she has AMAZING style, you should go check out her blog HERE :)

06 October, 2012

Tunnel Vision Lookbook October 2012 - Sunday Morning, Coming Down

Photos via Jean Greige 
Photography - Blake Jacobson
Hair and Make-up - Casey Kaufman
Models - Seaghna Wilson, Rachel Arielle and Enaia Greber

My love for Tunnel Vision cannot be expressed in words… These photos speak for themselves. Everything about this is perfect.

27 September, 2012

Interview with Marta Alencar from 'Fashionaticas' :)

The lovely Marta from Fashionaticas asked me a few questions :)
You can read the full interview HERE. Thank you Marta!

What do you love about living in United Kingdom?

I like the diverse range of fashion and style that there is here, everyone can wear what they want and there is huge style inspiration in the big cities!

Top 3 places to visit in your city

Where I am from is totally boring! But in my country I would say, Brick Lane/Shoreditch in London, the Brighton Lanes, and this small town called Totnes - they have AMAZING markets and the town is really beautiful. 

How would you describe your style?

I guess it is a mixture. If I like something, then I like it - it does not matter where it is from, it could be from anywhere! I love mixing vintage pieces with small brands and bohemian jewellery. The 80's and 90's are a huge influence on my style.

26 September, 2012

Dust in the air

Hat - c / o Oasap
Dress - c / o Sugarlips Apparel
Tassle Suede Jacket/Kimono - Topshop
Jewellery & Bag - Markets/Vintage/Etsy/Ebay/Cayman etc

I know I told you guys that I wouldn't be posting for a little while until I got to Cayman, but now there is a slight change of plan! I wont get into it because it is dead boring! But basically there has been a misunderstanding about my work permit, so I have to wait a little while longer until I can fly out. I am now thinking like mid October (I hope!)…

Ok now thats over with… I LOVE this hat so much. Well I actually just love Oasap so much… I had wanted a bigger bowler/gentleman's hat for a while, and when I saw this I knew it would be perfect! I have been wearing it a lot since I got it. And this dress is super cute, I love the burnt orange colour (yes colour can you believe it haha), I thought that it would be really nice in Cayman in the heat because of its light material. I also really like the detailing of the back which you can see in the last photo! 

I also just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that reads my blog. I really reallyyyy appreciate it - more than you will ever know! You guys are so kind and give me advice/comments on everything that I write about, even when I don't ask for it! You make me want to post more and keep me motivated, so THANK YOU :) <3

Remember you can get 20% Oasap by using this code - 52615406

24 September, 2012

Polyvore Update :)





your shit bums me out

old times


stud overload




matchy by deciphering-dreams featuring beanie hats

Soooo I know I have been awful at updating, but I have been super busy trying to get stuff sorted for Cayman. I went out the other day to buy everything I need (stocking up on deodrant/hair dye etc. Deodrant is like $7 over there, such a joke, and I can't buy hair dye over there), and it got me really excited. I have got a new job, and should be leaving here on Wednesday or Friday! I am going for a lot longer this time to earn the money to start up what I want to do in life, and when I come back, I want to move to London or Brighton or some big city. I really want to go travelling too, but I need to figure out my money situation first. Scary stuff. 
I have been in 'limbo' for like the past 3 months, and to be honest I don't really know why I left Cayman in the first place, it is good to see family, friends and my cat and stuff, but I have literally just been trying to get back to the Island since I left, bit silly of me really! It is nice to finally have the motivation to get started with my life and do what I really want to do, it has been a rocky year for me but i'm glad that is coming to an end and I have some ambition in me :). I can't wait to surround myself with positive people and see friends and family that I miss. And eat sushi… and watch the sunset… and chill out on the beach. You get it. 
Next outfit post will probably be from over in Cayman! I got gifted a few items from Oasap to show you guys, and a cute dress from Sugarlips. Remember you can follow me on instagram and twitter so see more regular updates! :) @nicolaboraston

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