24 February, 2012

California Analog Dream

Shirt, Jewellery, Backpack - Vintage/DIY/Markets
Boots - Ebay
Glitter Socks - Topshop
Lace & Silk Shorties - River Island (I HATE that place but these are cute and they were £3 sooo i'm not going to turn that down am I!!)

Woooow what a beautiful day it has been! So typical as I am moving to Grand Cayman tomorrow - just my luck, the weather brightens up as I am about to leave!! Ahh well more sunshine to come! I have never worn this shirt before, thought I would try it out... It transformed my outfit into a grungeyish barbie girly kind of look. Yeah you get what I mean. HA. I can't say I ever wear pink... Ever. So it was quite unusual, but I kind of like it!! I thought these little lace shorties looked cute underneath, and I am a big fan of lace against grungey textures (fishnets/sheer see-through material/netting/silk etc). I know they are meant to be underwear pj short things but who caaares. I like them! Oh and you definitely can't go wrong with matching glitter socks... I went all out today didn't I. Never looked so girly in my life!

Soooo anyway, this is a little froggy from my pond. He didn't like being held that much, he jumped off me a couple of seconds after he had his little photoshoot. What a diva. Yeah sooo a girly barbie grungey outfit with... a frog. Whats next? 

Maybe an iguana...

See you in the Caribbean!!


  1. love this look!! and the photos are amazing!!
    Mitsue & Lay

  2. This is outfit is gorgeous. Love that shade of pink, it's not too too girly, and the peekaboo lace is the perfect touch. Hope your move goes well! I must say, I'm a little envious.

    1. Thank you so much Mandi! I never usually wear anything like this but thought I would try something different!! And my move has gone well thank you it is so beautiful here! Have a nice day :) <3

  3. Your blog is perrrfect !