10 September, 2012


Dress & Platform Leather Boots - Vintage (Etsy)
Leather Tassle Black - Handmade
Jumper - Topshop (about 4 years ago!)
Jewellery - Vintage/DIY/Markets/Ebay

Thought I would show you guys the dress by itself and then with the jumper, which I had to wear today, because it is raining, and freezing… Again. 

So this dress was originally a maxi, I cut it to make it into a babydoll mini dress, just like my black one. Buying oversized maxi dresses is always a good idea if you want a babydoll baggy mini dress. This definitely needs hemming though! It is that kind of material that frays.

Can't go wrong with these boots, I love them so much, and I feel like they add a grungey edge to any outfit - for instance in this one, this dress and jumper is pretty girly and soft for me, but the boots seem to toughen it up a bit, which I really like!

Soooo in response to where the boots AND the dress were bought from - i'm just gunna say, get on Etsy, it is amazing.

P.s don't forget about my last 3 items on ebay HERE. There is only 2 more days left!!


  1. I love boots with almost anything!!! Lovely outfit, the dress is so cute. Great idea to shorten it

    Robyn Mayday

  2. You are a beautiful woman in a very lovely dress.

  3. i love the dress... i have one that is really similar... it is actually a maternity dress hahaha....

    and those boots are perrrrfection!


  4. I love your bag and love the way you have styled your dress!!
    Greetings from India

  5. Oh I love this dress :) the print is lovely and the jumper looks great layered over the top.

    Jo. xx