27 September, 2012

Interview with Marta Alencar from 'Fashionaticas' :)

The lovely Marta from Fashionaticas asked me a few questions :)
You can read the full interview HERE. Thank you Marta!

What do you love about living in United Kingdom?

I like the diverse range of fashion and style that there is here, everyone can wear what they want and there is huge style inspiration in the big cities!

Top 3 places to visit in your city

Where I am from is totally boring! But in my country I would say, Brick Lane/Shoreditch in London, the Brighton Lanes, and this small town called Totnes - they have AMAZING markets and the town is really beautiful. 

How would you describe your style?

I guess it is a mixture. If I like something, then I like it - it does not matter where it is from, it could be from anywhere! I love mixing vintage pieces with small brands and bohemian jewellery. The 80's and 90's are a huge influence on my style.

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  1. This cap is awesome!!!!!!