24 September, 2012

Polyvore Update :)





your shit bums me out

old times


stud overload




matchy by deciphering-dreams featuring beanie hats

Soooo I know I have been awful at updating, but I have been super busy trying to get stuff sorted for Cayman. I went out the other day to buy everything I need (stocking up on deodrant/hair dye etc. Deodrant is like $7 over there, such a joke, and I can't buy hair dye over there), and it got me really excited. I have got a new job, and should be leaving here on Wednesday or Friday! I am going for a lot longer this time to earn the money to start up what I want to do in life, and when I come back, I want to move to London or Brighton or some big city. I really want to go travelling too, but I need to figure out my money situation first. Scary stuff. 
I have been in 'limbo' for like the past 3 months, and to be honest I don't really know why I left Cayman in the first place, it is good to see family, friends and my cat and stuff, but I have literally just been trying to get back to the Island since I left, bit silly of me really! It is nice to finally have the motivation to get started with my life and do what I really want to do, it has been a rocky year for me but i'm glad that is coming to an end and I have some ambition in me :). I can't wait to surround myself with positive people and see friends and family that I miss. And eat sushi… and watch the sunset… and chill out on the beach. You get it. 
Next outfit post will probably be from over in Cayman! I got gifted a few items from Oasap to show you guys, and a cute dress from Sugarlips. Remember you can follow me on instagram and twitter so see more regular updates! :) @nicolaboraston

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  1. Ahh, Cayman sounds so exciting! I hope everything goes swimmingly for you! And these outfits are all impeccable, as always.

    Emily Wears Things

  2. Not sure how you've managed to make every single one of these perfecttttttttt. Don't blame you for wanting to go back, it looked beautiful in your photo's!

  3. Aaah I'm glad you're excited to go back to Cayman. Woo! If you decide to move to a big city, MOVE TO LONDON. It's the bomb. I love it there. Although living there can get expensive. Idk? Anyways, your polyvores are fokin amazing. Omg. I want everything in them except, um, money.

  4. Your styling of these items is perfect!!! Plus if you want to move to a city Brighton is perfect! Obviously is very small in comparison to London but that might work for you, I'm from B'ton and honestly it is one hell of a place so accepting of everyone and diverse with an amazing buzz about it, I am sure you will love it!! x


  5. i miss your outfit posts but i hope you will get to Cayman safe and sound! it's so lovely to see someone actively doing everything they can to "live their dream", as cheesy as that sounds :)
    also, you styled these sets perfectly, inspirational! xx

  6. omg!! everything! it looks perfect!

  7. These outfits are SO fab, especially the first one. you're amazing <3