30 July, 2012

SEEK & D-STROY - Miracle Eye Summer Lookbook 2012

Ok so I know what you are thinking, these photographs are amazing. Now watch this…

Amazing right? 
I was so excited to see Miracle Eye's new lookbook, and when I saw it for the first time, I think I watched the video like 4 times over. You will probably do the same. Everything in Miracle Eye is designed by the awesome Larissa, and handmade (that's right, HANDMADE) by her mum. Larissa is 15 and has an amazing individual style (check out her blog!), this is totally reflected through Miracle Eye's designs, I honestly think she is like a teenage genius! I love how natural this lookbook is, I think it is because it was styled by everyone on set - just some babes having loads of fun in awesome handmade clothes.
These are my favourites (click the photo to be re-directed to that product)
You should also check out some of the girls' blogs! They all have amazing style, as you can see by the styling in these product photographs.


  1. This is fricken unreal! I feel so happy yet jealous watching that!
    Those girls are so hot especially the girl with the afro <333333
    Although I feel they look like theyre trying a bit too hard with the cigarettes
    beautiful otherwise...

    lepenta.blogspot.com x

  2. I love this lookbook and the clothes are great!


  3. I love this! awesome