01 July, 2012


Lace Top - American Apparel
Doc's (Ox-Blood/Cherry)- Vintage
Bag/Belt/Majority of jewellery - Vintage
Rings - Cayman/Flea Markets
Black Bralet - Urban Outfitters

Apologies for the lack of photographs, it was windy as hell so the majority of them resulted in hair… hair just everywhere. You know how it is. 

This was actually the first time that I had worn my doc's since I have returned from Cayman as I couldn't take them because they would probably take up like 1/10 of my luggage weight allowance. I have just realised how much I missed them, it is a nice change from creepers (which we both know - I wear waaay too much!). 

Anyway, I think after I have sold some things on Ebay (check out what i'm selling here, something might take your fancy!), I might invest in a black pair. I have always wanted some but just never really got round to buying any that don't kill my feet. I remember I bought the perfect pair from a vintage shop a while back, and I wore them once and they completely messed up my feet, but then when I invested in these ox-blood beauties I realised not all doc's are the same, you just have to be careful!

This is just a simple outfit, I have some new goodies on the way and for some reason when I know some things are arriving in the post that I know will contribute to my new favourite outfit(s), I find it difficult to make my current outfits innovative, anyone else have the same problem? Maybe it is just me haha… 

Also the title of the post and look on lookbook.nu is due to this amazing album, which I can not stop listening to! Check it out.


  1. Beautiful top, I've been looking for one similar! :)

    Emma x

  2. I got some floral print docs and they killed my feet for the first few weeks but now they're fine, I think you just have to wear them in (: I completely agree about being uninspired when you've ordered new clothes, everything else just seems old :L x

    1. yer definitely the more worn in the better! also glad someone else agrees with me ha. thank you :)

  3. Girl I love your style!


  4. i love your outfit!


  5. I love your jeans, aa do the best jeans. Especially the easy jeans ! xx