05 March, 2012

let's just stop and think

Skirt, Jewellery, Hat - Vintage/Markets/DIY
Creepers - Underground
Velvet Crop Tee - American Apparel
Silver Bangle - The Island Company

This skirt was £3. Can you believe that? It has so so much material to it and all the different textures and patterns of material are individual patches on the skirt. My sister found it in a vintage market in Bath, my family and I fancied going somewhere nice and saw there was a fair on there, this was actually the only decent thing in the whole market but still, baaargain. 

I love creepers with midi clothes, I think they somehow make your legs look longer and as mine are black, they go with all my midi items. And this black velvet tee you have seen before... But I love it so much, American Apparel always seem to get all of their clothes spot on - the fit, the colour, the texture, the material... Everythinggg! I want every single crop top from there (you know how much I love crop tops).

Another windy day as you can see, most of the photographs were just hair... everywhere. Or one of my best expressions which I tend to pull far too much (naturally of course)...
Nice isn't it? :)


  1. this is awesome! found you on Lookbook and now following!

  2. Only just found your blog but i'm in love! Your style is amazing and I love all your photos. I'm your newest follower and your blog is def one of my new favourites!

    1. Ahhh thank you so much! This makes me very happy. <3

  3. YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!! Can we just be best friends and share necklaces and stuff? But really. I love your style. That skirt is to die for and I am going to steal your creepers. I am a follower for sure. ugh. you rock!!

    1. HAHA yaaay :) i loved reading this. But ummm you will have a lot of trouble trying to steal those babies! You should just get some they are an investment ha! ;) (any excuse)... Thank you so much Quinn!! <3