07 March, 2012

#1 - LOOKBOOK.nu recently posted amazingness

Ok so I had to say 'recently' because otherwise there would be PAAAGES of looks, and that would take a long long while. So starting from now, monthly/whenever I feel like it, I am going to post looks that I LOVE from an amazing variety of beauties all over the world... Click on the pictures to be directed to their lookbook!
I could go on forever... But I should probably stop now. Wow this page is overwhelming <3


  1. Sometimes I just have to avoid Lookbook because it's so overwhelming, so much great style! I'm so glad Madeline posted about your blog, I love it

    1. haha yes! my home page is like just wow. thanks so much, me too! was so kind of her. seeing that was also overwhelming, ha!

  2. This is a wall of awesomeness. 100% agree with all of these choices!