05 March, 2012

feeling earthy

Top (mommy's... yesss again.) & Suede Shorts (haaaa and these are my sister's. oh lord what is wrong with my own wardrobe?) - Topshop OBVZ love dat place
Boots - Ebay (remember you can get them on the amazing waiviki website!)
Bag & Jewellery - Vintage/DIY/Markets
Silky black socks - Primark (other fav shop. jkz jkz)

Wow... I was just meant to tell you where my clothes were from. I should keep quiet sometimes. But yes as you can see I raided my family's wardobe. They don't miiiind... I hope. But I actually love this top, in the hot weather it is so thin it keeps you cool and I love the lime green embroidery all over it. And not forgetting those little tassels. They are cute aren't they. So yeah good for Topshop I would say! 

I love pairing neutral/earthy colours, that is why I thought this top and shorts went so well together. And man I just want to say, is it just me or is my sister like seriously good at photography? Some how she always manages to catch everything at an amazing angle, and the scenery is always on her side. But as you can see... the wind still hates me.

Anyway I want to go catch the sunset! And then I am going to cook some Italian pasta and salad for my family :) yummm. Have a good night everyone!