17 November, 2012


Hey guyssss i'm sorry I suck so much at blogging, but I am back in Cayman and want to settle in a bit before I start up blogging properly again, should only take like another week. I have super early starts at work this week (I work at a hotel - Marriott, so they do breakfast and stuff and these crazy party people wanna drink cocktails in the am, ya know how it is), and I am not quite over my jet lag yet! Working right on the beach today which makes me happy, yesterday I was working the 5am breakfast shift inside which was good but man I was just standing still on my feet for like 8 hours and they hurrrrrt, can't wait to be moving around more today! 

I have just realised I can get internet from my apartment which is awesome. I live right next to this bar called Royal Palms, and their internet is not locked so alll goooood!

You will be hearing from me soon I promise! Thank you all so much for your comments and everything, means so much! Hope you don't mind waiting a little while for me to start up again! :) xxx


  1. Yay, come back! I love your blog



  2. Great blog!! Nice pictures!!
    Maybe follow??



  3. mannn can you hurry up already I miss your posts!!!! <3