08 January, 2013


All images taken from Tumblr/Blogs - VintageVirgin, Christeric, Alida Buffalo, etc.

Happy new year! Just to let you all know I am still alive and breathing, just about. I am so tired from work everyday that all I do is sleep. So basically my days consist of work and sleep. Which sucks. I am determined to get back into blogging (and get a life back) but right now its kind of impossible because work is so busy and I am so tired all of the time. Anywho if you wanna know about my whereabouts then you can follow me on twitter and instagram - @nicolaboraston :)
I promise I will be back sooooon I miss the internet and I feel sososoo bad for all the sponsors that have sent me amazing pieces that I haven't even posted up yet, and it has been over a month. Gimme some redbull. Love you all the saaaame obvz x


  1. Love these photos, Happy New Year :) xx


  2. Suck great inspiration here! Happy New Year, hope you have a brilliant year and get back to blogging soon, missing your posts! Good luck with the work hope you have more fun soon :)



  3. bloody heck nicola where have you been!!! we miss you<3 get your arse back on lookbook and blogging !!! :'( miss seeing your gorgeous photos and amazing drop dead outfits!

  4. holy FUCK these photos are amazing.