20 May, 2012

Bangstyle Feature

I received an e-mail from Bangstyle asking whether I would like to be featured on their website with a little interview. I then realised when they published it on the site, I was on the home page too! They also wrote a lovely paragraph about me, I really enjoyed answering the questions -

BANGSTYLE: How would you style the perfect night-out look? 
Nicola Boraston: If I was going to a gig or to watch live music, I would probably wear creepers or vintage trainers with cute socks, paired with high-waisted shorts or leggings with a vintage distressed band tee and lots of jewellery. If I was going for drinks, I would probably wear the same thing but with either creepers or flatforms and a denim jacket. If I was going out to a club, then I would wear flatforms or heels with a black crochet or lace dress or disco shorts/pants with a crop top/bralet. I would make sure to wear lots of jewellery, as I think jewellery is key to dressing up any outfit! 
BANGSTYLE: What is the most-played song on your iPod?
Nicola Boraston: “It Was Fear of Myself That Made Me Odd” – Alexisonfire
BANGSTYLE: What are your future aspirations in fashion and beyond? 
Nicola Boraston: I would love to be known for my own unique personal style (in a positive way of course!) and maybe as a designer/stylist/fashion buyer. I really want to inspire people to wear what they want and to express themselves through clothing confidently; and if they did this by wearing the clothes that I might pos
sibly design and make, then that would be amazing. I think it is extremely important to stay true to yourself and do whatever makes you happy!

Thanks so much, Bangstyle!