01 May, 2012

approaching farewell

Shorts, Belt, Jewellery - Vintage/DIY/Markets
Wedges - Office (£12 in the sale in England, I couldn't not get them could I? Or could I. Ok.)
Bowler Hat - H&M aaaages ago. But I think they recently got new ones in :)

Another awesome gift from Motel, this one was actually a surprise. I love it so much, fits me perfect and the pattern gives the outfit a completely different look. I don't usually wear heels (in fact I just kind of feel like they don't suit me even though I love them so much and want so many pairs), but I thought these looked cute with socks. Is it weird to say that I think socks can completely change an outfit? I don't know, but I like socks a lot.

I think I posted this song on my tumblr but not on here, it is literally one of my favourite songs… ever. Whenever I put it on I find myself in a daydream without even realising it, until the song ends and then I remember the reality of everything. Don't you just wish you could dream alllll day, it's far more fulfilling than having to talk, or do anything actually. I don't know whether it's normal to dream and daydream as much as I do, but I hope it never stops. I think it's such a personal thing. You can just go into your own little world without people knowing anything. Ok i'm making it sound like I just live in my dreams now, I don't. But still, comparing dreams to reality can be so depressing haha. I will shut up now.

Motel Rocks… rocks. What?

Just listen :)


  1. Love the body suit.

  2. Hey

    I just found your blog through lookbook and love your outfit posts :) I love the style. I'm a blogger from the UK and love finding new fashion blogs, I've just followed your blog :)

    Mel - UK Style Blogger

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I love the setting of these photos too xxx

  4. Lovely post, your style is so nice :) follow you now

  5. your hair is amazing, love the outfit, especially the printed tee

    Much Love ♡

    Jess †

  6. love what your wearing!