09 October, 2013


Kittens and cats everywherrreeee <3
Scuuuse my morning face
One of my sisters and I
Sunbathin selfies

Sippin on a Turkish Starbucks
An outfit for yo.

Black crop - Free People
Dungarees - Urban Outfitters Renewel
Sandals - DM Studded Liza
Tassle Bag - Market in Turkey
Amazing Turkish shops and markets. Had the most beautiful jewellery evaaa
Beaut views from the plane
Cruel or amazing fishies?
Real ASDA bacon!!!
Cappucino and tea Turkey style
Harry's in hotel Baba?!
Turkish tea
Comic Turkey style
Cheekily ask for a few extra fries and this happens
Cow or pedestrian crossing?
Cute stuff I bought from shops + local markets. Some of which (what I can let go of :() will be sold on Parody soon!
Apologies for the huge amount of photos but I deleted a load already and really wanted to show you these few! I didn't take my DSLR (too heavy) so the quality isn't that great unfortunately.

 Turkey was amazing! I was so happy to pick up some amazing things; for myself and to be sold on Parody. The photos of all of the jewellery was inside of a shop which had a 25 year old collection from all over the world, some 25 years old, some 1. I wanted all of it! Girl only got so much dollar. Makes me want to travel and collect jewellery so much! And of course the fact that there were adorable cats everywhere made Turkey even better. Also, Turkish tea is super tasty. 


  1. I feel some real passion here

  2. Lovely pictures! Really nice!


  3. aaah I am dying to be by sea/ocea/whatever and feel more °C on my skin than 15!!

  4. Beautiful pictures it looks amazing.


  5. Turkey is one of my favourite places to go, whereabouts were you? The markets there are great for picking up cool stuff as well, I got the nicest rucksack there!


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  8. Turkey looks amazing and I love your outfit!x

  9. Oh my gosh turkey looked amazing! You look beautiful in all of the photos :) I really want to go, all the markets look so fun and colourful
    Lucia's Loves

  10. Gorgeous photos - I went to ephesus in turkey a few years ago, it was amazing but about 45 degrees x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  11. This whole post is mind blowing <3 your outfit is so great especially that bag! and all those pictures