16 August, 2013

Gavriel Maynard x Di$count

Styling : Nadia & Cami @ Di$count 
Hair : Kyye Reed @ Prema
Make-up : Racquel Hester 
Model : Fernanda @ Priscillas

Gavriel: Ok...So i have to interview you two.
Di$count: How do you feel about that?

What are you going to ask us?

I haven't actually done any research. Why don't we start off with which famous people have worn your shit?
Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga, MIA, Britney Spears, Kreayshawn, Grimes, Kimbra, Brooke Candy, and a couple of others.

Stop name dropping. Shut up Gav — you asked for it!

Do you think its a problem nowadays that the height of a designers credibility comes from which celebrities have worn their clothes?
 We don't find that our credibility has come from which celeb has worn our shit, we've certainly never gone after them to wear it. They are customers just like any one else wearing Di$count Univer$e and we get the same kick out of seeing them in it as we do a stranger on the street. The value and respect people may place on a designer's work is personal, so whether someone wants to wear something because Miley Cyrus did or if they actually believe in the designs and ideals of that brand is entirely up to them.

I think Julia Gillard should rock Di$count Univer$e
. When we get some PR maybe they can hook it up for us, although her policies aren't quite aligned with ours


I thought that was cool when you guys did the collaboration with Hello Kitty , how did that come about?
 We're both diehard fans of Hello Kitty, so we were pretty stoked when they emailed us suggesting a collab


I think you are my favourite brand to come out of Melbourne..what separates the Melbourne and Sydney fashion scene? Thanks! Sydney is obviously where all the industry is, but to be honest we haven't spent too much time there so we don't know the fashion scene well enough to comment. We do know that Melbourne is full of incredible, eccentric people who dedicate their lives to supporting creative industries and we feel lucky to have started here!

Would you ever move to Sydney? We've spoken about it once or twice, but at this point moving isn't really a priority.

I just realised you don't have to move to Sydney 'cos I saw Estate Of Mind are now stocking you guys!
 FUCK YEAH! Estate of Mind rules!

I should have asked this at the beginning but how did you guys start Di$count?
 We had a brief conversation while we were still at uni about making cool shit and selling it online. Before we knew it we gave it a name, graduated, and moved ourselves to Bangkok where we spent 3 months in a hotel room nutting it all out, customizing everything we could get our hands on, and writing endlessly about our ideals and aspirations for the label on our blog.

Why did you call the brand Di$count? When we first started our label, it was all artisanal one-off pieces that were over a thousand dollars each, so we thought it would be funny to call it Di$count...I guess it was sort of a piss-take on how disposable this industry has become.

Do i have to use a dollar sign everytime i write Di$count?

Love you. Love you too x

I love Di$count even more now… How amazing is that Di$count Disciples tee?

Interview and photos via Oyster Mag


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