04 June, 2012


This is honestly the most beautiful Lookbook I have ever seen. I was so happy when I saw the sneaky preview on facebook and discovered that the amazing Sea from Lights Drive My Soul was the model for it. Everything about it is perfect - the clothes and styling, the setting, the photography and editing, and the whole atmosphere this Lookbook gives off - doesn't it just make you want to buy all the clothes? If only I had money I swear I would spend so much on the amazing pieces that Britt and Madeline pick out, Tunnelvision is truly unique and I cannot WAIT to see the 'Bad Vibes' line which Britt and Madeline are working on and we are eagerly waiting for!

P.s. Use the code 'WESTEND' for 50% discount off all new stock today!


  1. such a beautiful shoot, love the colours and her make up.. stunning!

  2. i went crazy for this lookbook the minute i saw it :)